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December 2000

eBooks Will Fall to Multichannel Publishing
"Taken together, custom printing, digital textbooks, and eBooks will pressure publishers to offer greater consumer choice, variable presentation and delivery, and new ways to purchase, none of which authors can do themselves. The result is a new publishing model that Forrester calls multichannel publishing. Successful publishers will manage all of their content from a single, comprehensive storehouse, a repository containing modular book content and structure. "
Cyber Atlas, December 27, 2000

Forrester Predicts Slow E-Book Growth
"A report from Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research predicts slow growth for so-called electronic books and the portable devices used to download and read them. However, Forrester says in its report, "Books Unbound," that the rise of the Internet is transforming the publishing industry as a whole and will lead to changes in the way that it gets words into the hands of readers. "
Internet.com, December 27, 2000

E-Book Market Set For Explosion
According to a new study released by IDC, a company that tracks technology and e-business trends, demand for e-books will build slowly in 2001, then begin exploding in 2002. IDC predicts the market in the US alone will mushroom from $9 million in 2000 to $414 million in 2004.
Computer User, December 25, 2000

eBook readers are more Tinker Bell marketing
"If there is a future dawn for electronic book readers, I suggest you wait until that day arrives rather than spending your money now to support RCA and Gemstar in their magical belief that good intentions can overcome bad design and implementation."
Mercury News, December 16, 2000

Will E-Books Ever Really Catch On?
Despite the hype surrounding e-books, format issues, lack of content, and expensive e-book readers are slowing adoption of the technology.
TechWeb, December 14, 2000

Publishers Ponder the Plant
Stephen King has put 'The Plant,' his serialized e-book, on hiatus. Publishers are debating the impact of the work, which declined in popularity over time but was an overall financial success
CNN.com, December 8, 2000

AAP Releases E-book Standards
The Association of American Publishers and Andersen Consulting released the results of their joint Open Ebook Standards Project last Monday at AAP's New York headquarters.
Publishers Weekly, December 4, 2000

Innovative Interfaces Announces E-Book Integration, Millennium Implementations
Innovative Interfaces, Inc. has announced the integration of netLibrary e-books into its INNOPAC and Millennium library automation systems. The company has also announced that the Nobel Library in Sweden, Complutense University of Madrid, the Social Law Library in Boston, and the Mac OS X operating systemís beta release will incorporate Millennium.
Information Today, December, 2000

November 2000

King's Internet book ``The Plant'' goes to seed
With payment and interest in his latest Internet novel dwindling, horrormeister Stephen King has decided to stop writing ``The Plant'' at chapter six to focus on two conventional books.
MediaCentral, November 29, 2000

Barnes & Noble Says Plans to Continue Talks with Gemstar
Gemstar-TV Guide, the provider of television programming guides, is seeking to become a key player in electronic books through a potential link with Barnes & Noble, the largest U.S. bookseller.
Individual Investor, November 25, 2000

Second Frederick Forsyth story published online (November 23, 2000)
The second in a series of new short stories by the best-selling British author Frederick Forsyth is to be published on the internet.
Ananova.com, November 23, 2000

Launch of novel device targeting grown-ups
Christmas arrived early this year for RCA and Gemstar, the backers of a new line of ''eBook readers'' scheduled to hit area stores tomorrow. Last week Oprah Winfrey promoted the eBook reader on a show titled ''Oprah's Favorite Things.''
Boston Globe, November 23, 2000

Publisher Sets Policy on E-Books
Hoping to settle a publishing industry dispute, Random House, the largest English language publisher, is expected to announce today that it will evenly split its electronic book sales revenue with writers.
NY Times, November 7, 2000

Publishers Ponder Paperless Books
"Yesterday's start of the two-day ebook World Conference provided another moderating gig for New York magazine media columnist Michael Wolff and another view of where publishers are heading in the uncharted waters of paperless books."
Daily News, November 7, 2000

New Flare-Up In E-Books Battle
"Nothing gets an audience of publishing-industry executives worked up like the age-old debate over the rights of publishers and writers. And sure to form, the same holds true for the emerging world of electronic-books."
ZDNet, November 6, 2000

Another Format in the E-Book Field
Reciprocal, a small company that provides Random House, Time Warner, and other publishers with digital distribution services is introducing a new ebook format, the first one for both personal computers and the popular Palm series of digital organizers.
NY Times, November 6, 2000

E-Publishing FAQ.Allen, Moira. (1999). "E-Publishing FAQ." [WWW document], 16 pages.
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The Real E-Books.
Ditlea, Steve. (2000.) "The Real E-Books." From Technology Review, MIT's Magazine of Innovation.  [WWW document], 11 pages. 
"Forget those single-purpose e-book readers. The future of electronic publishing lies in files you can download to, view on and print out from the computer you already own."


October 2000

New models for book publishing
"The fact is that new models for book publishing are demanded in the electronic age and some pointers as to what might result are already around."
IT-Directory, October 10, 2000

Thomas Nelson Turns to eBooks
Thomas Nelson, Inc. becomes the first Christian publisher to launch a comprehensive e-book publishing program.
About, October 6, 2000

eBook Award Controversy
The International eBook Award Foundation announced the finalists for the Frankfurt eBook Awards. Oddly, some of the books don't qualify for the category they're finalists in.
About, October 4, 2000

Open eBook Forum Launches Standards Coordination and Requirements Initiatives
Leading eBook Trade Organization to Provide Forum for All Electronic Publishing Stakeholders.
About, October 4, 2000

ePub University Announces Fall 2000 Academic Program
Case studies from Slate.com and IDG Books to be joined with practice sessions led by Microsoft, Quark, Barnes & Noble, OverDrive and The Open eBook Form (OEB)
About, October 3, 2000

eBook World Launched
Learn about the first event dedicated solely to the rapidly emerging electronic book marketplace.
About, October 2, 2000

September 2000

Judging a Book by its Pixels
eMarketer projects that online book sales will stack up from $660 million in 1999 to $4.1 billion by 2004.
eMarketer, September 28, 2000

E-Books Face Standards, Copy Protection Issues
"Speakers at the third annual Electronic Book 2000 Conference and Show praised the young industry for its achievements, but said the industry must work on standards and copy protection if it is to avoid the pitfalls that have tripped up other trailblazers in digital content."
TechWeb, September 28, 2000

Standards group pushes for electronic braille reader
A U.S. government standards body is close to unveiling an e-book reader for the blind that transforms electronic text into braille.
CNet News, September 19, 2000

netLibrary and Fatbrain.com Form eBook Alliance
Companies Bring Leading eBook Technology to Corporate Market.
About, September 18, 2000

DigitalOwl to Market and Sell iPublish.com eBooks
Digital Owl will digitally promote and sell popular eBooks published by iPublish.com through its network of syndication channels.
About, September 18, 2000

William Gladstone Joins Qinnet.com's Epublishing Effort
Qinnet.com, Inc. has announced the appointment of Mr. William Gladstone to chair its Technical Advisory Board, which will spearhead its recently announced E-Book publishing joint venture with Liaoning Publishing Group in China.
About, September 18, 2000

Gemstar-TV Guide International Announces Entry Into e-Publishing Business in France
Company Acquires 00h00.com, a Leading European eBook Publisher.
About, September 15, 2000

Free eBook Authoring Software Program for Education Announced
OverDrive to Donate $2.5 Million in Microsoft Reader eBook Authoring Software to Education
About, September 14, 2000

Consumer Book Publishers Prepare For Coming Demand For Ebooks
Publishers are showing an unprecedented level of interest in electronic books, though logistical concerns remain and consumer demand for ebooks has yet to catch up with the attention the format is getting within the industry.
About, September 8, 2000

E-Books: A Challenge to Paper Books?
E-books have received renewed attention from users, authors and publishers. Despite the benefits of immediate Internet-based distribution, e-books must overcome barriers before adoption will occur.
Gartner Group, September 5, 2000

Electronic Literature Directory Goes Live
Nonprofit Organization Launches Comprehensive Directory of Electronic Literature.
About, September 5, 2000

NetLibrary, Online Book Publisher, Files for $82 Million IPO
Online bookstore NetLibrary Inc., a publisher offering electronic books that can be downloaded from the Internet, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an $82 million initial stock offering.
AOL, September 1, 2000

August 2000

Thomson Selects Maverick For e-Book Reading Tablet
'Thomson Consumer Electronics has selected Cirrus Logicís Maverick EP7212 processor for use in a book-shaped portable electronic reading tablet called an RCA e-Book.'
e-Insite, August 22, 2000

Frightened Stephen King Fans Pony Up Extra Bucks to Make Up for Freeloaders
'King fans frightened about being cut off from the author's online serial novel have been sending extra cash to make up for readers who downloaded the first instalment without paying for it.'
BookWire, August 22, 2000

Brillís Contentville Gets Ready to Offer E-Books
Contentville.com is expected to launch its e-book initiative early next month as it continues to strike deals with publishers for the rights to sell digital versions of new and classic books titles.
dmnews.com, August 15, 2000

Prospective Veep's E-Book
The day after Al Gore announced the identity of his running mate, Joseph Liebermanís book, In Praise of Public Life, was sold out in many books stores across the country. But the e-book version is available in an unlimited supply.
Wired News, August 14, 2000

From deep space to cyberspace
J Michael Straczynski, creator of the Babylon 5 TV series, is planning to make his latest novel available in four limited-life instalments that can be downloaded from the web.
BBC News, August 10, 2000

eBook Wars
Battlefield Earth and Stephen King's Riding the Bullet battle it out for #1 spot on peanutpress.com's bestseller list.
About, August 10, 2000

Simon & Schuster Leads The E-Book Charge
Simon & Schuster releases popular titles in ebook format to coincide with Microsoft's launch of free Microsoft Reader software.
Forbes, August 9, 2000

Microsoft Launches E-Book Software; Big Shift Seen
Microsoft's launch of the new Microsoft Reader software for electronic books was marked by publishers as a turning point for the book industry.
Upside, August 9, 2000

E-Lit Support Group Formed
E-publishers and new media professionals can now look to the Electronic Literature Organization, a year-old nonprofit founded to provide support and industry analysis for literature designed for electronic media.
Publishers Weekly August 7, 2000

Random House's E-Books Foray Threatens Startups
Random House announced Monday that it would make a serious foray into electronic books this winter, when it releases original titles from authors such as Elizabeth Wurtzel, Rob Walker and a dominatrix named Mistress Ruby, among others.
INSIDE, August 03, 2000

iPublish.com at Time Warner Books is First to Inveil List of Ebook Titles
List showcases works by Nelson DeMille, David Baldacci, Sandra Brown, Nicholas Sparks and David Foster Wallace. About.com, August 1, 2000

July 2000

Random House Launches E-Book Unit
Random House today announced a line-up of titles it will publish early next year under a new e-book imprint.
Newsbytes, July 30, 2000

Seybold to highlight digital publishing issues
Seybold San Francisco 2000 publishing show will be focused on digital rights management and electronic books. Microsoft is preparing a raft of announcements both prior to and during the event, including information about its own digital rights management product
InfoWorld, July 27, 2000

MightyWords Joins Forces with William Morrow & Co. To publish Ebook By Dying Author
In response to a recent fatal diagnosis of an author, MightyWords.com has joined forces with William Morrow & Co. to publish an abridged electronic edition of her book that will not be available as a printed book until this October.
About.com July 25, 2000

Amazon.com Chosen by Stephen King to Facilitate Payment for Exclusive Serialized Online Novel, The Plant
In an ambitious publishing experiment, monthly installments of The Plant will be available for download only on www.stephenking.com, with King asking his readers to pay $1 for each installment on the honor system. The first installment of The Plant was made available today, and the second installment will be posted on King's site on August 21.
About.com, July 24, 2000

Fiona Avery's `Crusade' Scripts Debut on Bookface.com
Renowned Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Provides Previously Unreleased Scripts for Fans to Explore Online for Free at Bookface.com
About.com, July 24, 2000

E-Book Publishing: Much Ado About Nothing Much?
Stephen King's latest tale is another sign of the growing enthusiasm for the medium. But, for all the hype, almost no one is making money.
LA Times.com, July 24, 2000

Say I Can Offers First Free Online Computer Book (July 20, 2000)
Say I Can, a Berkeley-based publisher, announced that their popular computer book The Dragon NaturallySpeaking Guide is available free on the Web. This is the first time a major printed computer book has been offered online at no charge.
About.com, July 20, 2000

Books by the Chapter or Verse Arrive on the Internet This Fall
IDG Books and iUniverse team up to sell books by the chapter. "Readers will be invited to create customized books by picking pieces of content ŗ la carte from an array of already-published guides at, say, $5 a chapter instead of $20 a book."
New York Times, July 18, 2000

Giving It All Away
Bestselling author Seth Godin is offering his latest work as a free e-book, circumventing the traditional publishing process, and banking on future rewards.
About.com, July 15, 2000

Curling Up With an E-book
A vice-president at McGraw Hill writes: "Like the personal computer before it, the e-book opens a world of possibilities. It is not necessarily better than printed books, nor need it supplant them. But its time is here."
New York Times, July 7, 2000

Simon & Schuster to go digital
Simon & Schuster, the US book publisher, is teaming up with Lightning Source, a provider of print-on-demand services, to convert its backlist of 12,000 book titles to digital form.
Financial Times, July 6, 2000

June 2000

The Future of Ebooks: Texts of Tomorrow?
The age of the eBook is here. With easily readable, high-resolution screens, sound and video, and a considerable selection of book titles from which to choose, the newest e-books offer everything you could want from a reading machine. But there is still some doubt about whether the majority of book lovers will take to digitized reading. Will ebooks, and the ebusinesses that produce and support them, survive?
Internet.com, June 16, 2000

King's Fans Want New Ebook
'In the last four days, more than 7,000 King fans voted on the author's website after King asked his readers whether they'd be willing to pay $1 per installment to download the remainder of The Plant, an epistolary novel he begain in the 1980s. "The results were overwhelmingly positive," King's assistant, Marsha DeFilippo, said. "There were only 400 negative votes.'
Wired, June 15, 2000

E-books novel, but where are the novels?
A recent spate of hot e-sellers are spurring publishers to rush more books online, but technical obstacles have thrown a few wrenches into the works.
ZDNet, June 14, 2000

Barnesandnoble.com Invests $30 Million In MightyWords
Barnesandnoble.com announces that it has invested approximately $20 million into digital content provider, MightyWords, a former subsidiary of Fatbrain.com.
BizReport, June 7, 2000

Writer fights pirates in legal shootouts
Harlan Ellison, author of 74 books, hundreds of short stories (including the classic I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream) and Star Trek episodes, filed suit against both individuals and companies -- including America Online -- he alleges either illegally distributed or provided the medium to distribute his work.
USA Today, June 7, 2000

Still Hard to Digest, but Digital Books May Have a Future
Gary Chapman believes that the quality of literature today is better than ever, but the best writers "are essentially invisible in cyberspace, except on the Web sites where customers can purchase their books. For now, good literature and the Internet appear light-years apart. "
LA Times, June 5, 2000

What Jeff Said
Notes on Jeff Bezos' keynote address at BookExpo America, including comments on ecommerce and ebook publishing. Don't count ebooks out, Jeff said, but don't expect anything major within the next two or three years either.
About.com, June 4, 2000

Read A Book, And Ad, On Bookface.com
AdWeek reports on BookFace.com, a San Francisco-based site offering books and excerpts (some from major publishers) free with an ad-supported model. Bookface plans to generate revenue from advertisers and then pay authors and publishers for each page read.
AdWeek, June 2, 2000

May 2000

"Maybe they should start their own awards." --Meg Kearney, acting executive director of the National Book Foundation about electronically published books


Giving Them Their Just Awards
"For instance, will two trends currently shaping the industry--consolidation in the publishing business and advancements in e-book technology and popularity--push a greater concentration of literary talent into Internet publishing? And, if and when that happens, will some of the established literary awards find themselves judging Web-based works alongside their more familiar hard-copy cousins? "
Book, May 2000

Can Book Publishing Retain Its Most Precious Asset?
"The Internet changes the entire dynamics of publishing. When Stephen King's words can be packaged into a PDF file and downloaded by anyone with a computer in a few minutes, one must begin to question what his publisher, Simon & Schuster, is doing to earn its share of the income pie."
ClickZ, May 16, 2000

Lightning Print Inc. Changes Name, Adds eBook Services
Reflecting its new direction, the company formerly known as Lightning Print Inc., a subsidiary of Ingram Industries Inc., unveiled a new name, Lightning Source, launched a new website, and announced the opening of expanded headquarters facilities in Tennessee. Lightning Source also announced a new suite of digital services designed to help publishers and booksellers deliver eBooks and other digital content.
The Write News, May 10, 2000

April 2000

"So far, the Internet seems to be largely amplifying the worst features of television's preoccupation with sex and violence, semi-literate chatter, shortened attention spans, and near-total subservience to commercial marketing,"James Billington, Librarian of Congress


The Library of Congress Will Not Digitize Books
The Library of Congress announces a new Web site, digitizing special formats such as maps and sound recordings. The Librarian of Congress, James Billington, criticized the Internet and electronic book hardware and said the Library would not be digitizing books. The Librarian stated his belief that the traditional book will not be replaced, and stressed the dangers of electronic delivery, "You don't want to be one of those mindless futurists," said Billington, "who sit in front of a lonely screen."
Tech Law Journal, April 15, 2000

The Wired Word
Electronic publishing is a mixed blessing, writes Jonathan Yardley. Many things will be published that have not been before, but publishing on the Internet will bypass the editorial process. And while the egalitarianism is appealing, it "rests on an untenable assumption: not merely that all of us are created equal, but that all of us are equally meritorious and interesting."
The Washington Post, April 10, 2000

Read All About It
Electronic publishing is making some inroads, but "text on paper is not giving up too much ground to its more sophisticated successor; a habit 4,500 years old is hard to break."
Irish Times, April 10, 2000

Closing a Chapter of Tradition
Fred Moody paints a gloomy picture for the big New York publishing houses, blaming their future demise on the decline in quality and services they have offered in the past 20 years. He writes: "By the time paperless publishing becomes economically viable, writers and readers will have cut publishers out of the equation."
ABC News.com, April 5, 2000

AAP Names Task Force To Create E-book Standards
Anderson Consulting recommends that the AAP facilitate the creation of an "open standards solution" for ebook drm, numbering systems and metadata structures, warning that if publishers fail to take the lead, e-book market development "will be slower, more chaotic and less profitable."
Publishers Weekly, April 3, 2000

DigitalOwl.com Secures e-Publishing Agreement with Authority Press
Authority Press has agreed to provide published content to DigitalOwl.com for digital conversion. The documents can then be purchased and downloaded from Authority Press using KineticEdge software products.
Business Wire, April 3, 2000

The Coming Ecology of Ebook Publishing
'Until we have a system where "publishing" is distinct from "distribution" and from "retailing", and "publishing" means being an intermediary between authors and a complex, multi-point distribution system, we won't have a market that is ready for prime time. ' Tim O'Reilly's comments about FatBrain.com's publishing/distributing/retailing model.
Tim O'Reilly's Weblog, April 2, 2000

March 2000

"...sentimental sermons by us old print fogeys aren't going to turn back the clock." --Frank Rich, New York Times

E-book publishers writing new chapters
A look at the progress being made by electronic books, and some minor projections about the future. Interesting tidbit: According to internal projections by Harper Collins, they expect ebooks to account for $2 Billion in annual sales by 2005.
Chicago Tribune, March 31, 2000

The Future of the Book
Salon.com examines the ways the digital revolution is changing what and how we read in this four part series.
Salon.com, March 28, 2000

Amazon.com and Adobe to Broaden Availability of eBooks
'On the heels of Stephen King's wildly successful eBook, "Riding the Bullet," Adobe Systems Monday announced that it is working with Amazon.com and Simon & Schuster to extend the availability of Mr. King's novella to Macintosh users. '
BizReport, March 27, 2000

EBooks - and the Word was good
"Sometimes, all that it takes to bring something onto the mainstream is to give it celebrity endorsement. Think of Victor Kiam and razors, or Paul Hogan and Foster's beer. Now it looks like the same kind of publicity may be what launches eBooks onto the market. "
IT Director, March 27, 2000

Stephen King's Week of Terror
"If books aren't abandoning their analog containers for digital ones, they're about the only mainstream media product that is not. "
New York Times, March 25, 2000

Short Take: Digital Publishing Hits the Big Time
This article by Tom Watson claims that the demand for Stephen King's first e-book proved the model of digital delivery.
Silicon Alley News, March 16, 2000

E-Publishing: Tomorrow's Publishers Today
"A perusal of the Web finds a gaggle of sites that publish original e-books. More like old-media small presses than anything else on the Web, these companies pay little to no advances and high royalties and, in many cases, display an impressive editorial rigor."
Publishers Weekly, March 6, 2000

A Novel Device, Electronic Books Are Still Far From an Easy Read
"E-books are reminiscent of the early personal computers from the 1970s. You can tell their time will come, but it's not here yet.
LA Times, March 2, 2000

XML With Style
A rather technical article about XML for Electronic Book Publishing and the Open Ebook Specification.
XML.com, March 2, 2000

Weblife: Electronic Books
Another opinion piece arguing that electronic books won't replace paper in the near future, or maybe ever.
The Guardian, March 2, 2000

Barnesandnoble.com and Microsoft to Create eBook Superstore
Barnesandnoble.com, Inc. and Microsoft Corp. have announced that they will create a barnesandnoble.com eBook Superstore using Microsoft Reader software.
Information Today, March 1, 2000

February 2000

"If I had a young author whose career I was trying to build I'd rather have a hundred dollars from The New Yorker than a thousand from Fatbrain." --Russell Galen, Literary Agent

Serial E-Authors Make a Killing
Publishers find that doling out bits of books online can hook readers and entice them to pay. By M.J. Rose.
Wired, February 29, 2000

Palm Reading
Though e-book sales have been sluggish, Microsoft says in 10 years they'll challenge the paper kind.
Salon.com, February 24, 2000

Borders.com Writes Ebook Prologue
Borders now offers direct links to Peanut Press, which offers titles that can be read on a Palm Pilot; ION Systems, which provides technology to read books on personal computers; and SoftBook Press, which offers a dedicated hand-held device for electronic reading.
Gomez.com, February 23, 2000

eBooks: The Next Chapter
Author Carol Givner is as surprised as anyone that traditional booksellers want copies of her latest e-book. The CDs are showing up on bookshelves all over.
Wired, February 9, 2000

Digital Publishing: From Arthur C. Clarke to Psoriasis Tales
A look at digital publishing and why some big name authors are giving it a try. Primarily looks at Fatbrain.com's Ematter.
New York Times, February 7, 2000

The Future of Publishing
This article by M.J. Rose shows us just how far ebooks and epublishing have come in the past year.
Spark Online, February 2000

January 2000

"I would urge that we not fall all over ourselves in our haste to filter all of our experience through circuitries." -- Sven Birkerts, Author of The Gutenberg Elegies : The Fate of Reading in an Electronic Age

Gemstar's Maneuver Into E-Books Hard to Read
Maker of TV-related products buys into unproven market with eye on success through licensing.
LA Times, January 24, 2000

Anyone Can Be An Author on the Internet
A poorly written piece trying to encompass the entire field of electronic publishing in 500 words.
Montreal Gazetter, January 22, 2000

The Pocket Bookshelf (link expired)
The Rocket eBook is a step forward for ebooks, but it's still far from what it needs to be if electronic books are to catch on in a big way.
Boston Globe, January 20, 2000

The Future of Print
A discussion of the threat that the Internet poses to the printed word.
FT.com, January 19, 2000

Gemstar Enters Electronic-Book Business Through Acquisition of NuvoMedia Inc. and SoftBook Press Inc.
Gemstar International Group Ltd. enters the ebook business through the acquisition of the two leading eBook companies, NuvoMedia Inc. and SoftBook Press Inc.
BusinessWire, January 18, 2000

Open Electronic Book Forum Formed To Develop Standards For eBooks
A new forum is formed to help encourage adoption of the OEB standard and the growth of the electronic book industry.
OpenEbook.org, January 13, 2000

Microsoft, Audible Sign Pact
Microsoft will integrate Audible technology into its Microsoft Reader software making Audible's audio books and information content available to Microsoft Reader users.
FoxNews.com, January 7, 2000

Microsoft Misses the Boat with Ebooks
Would Microsoft be better off investing in downloadable audiobooks rather than in electronic books?
E-commerce Times, January 7, 2000

Book Editor Sees Ups, Downs in E-Book Prospects
There has been a great deal of hoopla over electronic books and digitized content in the last year or so but the practicalities of e-books haven't yet measured up.
NACS, January 3, 2000

The reading edge: The electronic revolution is changing the way we buy, store and consume books (link expired)
This article by editor Jane Henderson discusses some of the pitfalls of electronic publishing, and its potential impact on the traditional publishing industry.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, January 2, 2000

It's Time to Turn the Last Page
A look at how the shift to electronic books will change the way we think about reading.
Newsweek, January 1, 2000

December 1999

"We believe there is an electronic future." -- Jack Romanos, Head of Simon & Schuster's Trade Division.

Publishing Industry Embracing Cyber-Frontier as 2000 Approaches
How the Internet is changing the way book publishing works. CNN.com, December 30, 1999

Trying to E-Right a Wrong
M.J. Rose looks at E-Rights.com, a new site from agent, and now e-publisher, Richard Curtis. E-Rights.com will revive out of print titles, and E-Reads.com will supply them to consumers.
Wired, December 27, 1999

E-Books Turn over a New Leaf
A look at the e-book industry and the new Open E-Book Standard.
Wired, December 27, 1999

Publishers are Racing to Convert Books to Bytes
'Traditional publishers are cautiously preparing for an uncharted future, digitizing thousands of old backlist titles in preparation for an e-new world where books can live forever because they will never go out of print. '
New York Times, December 9, 1999

An Unbound Bestseller
Sales of The Best Laid Plans by Leta Nolan Childers topped 6,000 copies, an e-book record. It's an auspicious occasion for the 150-plus e-publishers who collectively offer more than 3,000 titles, but who have struggled for recognition from traditional publishing houses.
Wired, December 8, 1999

Electronic books an unfinished chapter (link expired)
Demand for digital is rising, but don't close the cover on paper editions just yet
SiliconValley.com, December 8, 1999

Publishing the Final Chapter... as an eBook
A brand new chapter of a book on Microsoft's predatory business practices is published as eMatter at Fatbrain.com. More about this and eMatter's vision and goals.
About.com, December 2, 1999

November 1999

"Right now, there are only a few thousand eBook titles available, and that's not enough to get people to move from paper to electronic reading. We don't yet have an industry."
-- Dick Brass, VP Technology, Microsoft Corp, November, 1999

Real World Reviews for Ebooks
Foreword Magazine announces it will be the first traditional media outlet to regularly print e-book reviews - at least 5 per issue starting January 1, 2000.
Wired News, November 29, 1999

Galleys, 'Publishers Weekly' Reviewers Go Digital
Publishers Weekly made a big deal out of this - they reviewed a galley in Rocket eBook format. While this really isn't as exciting as they make it sound, it will be nice if publishers can get away with sending an e-galley rather than faking a print one.
Publishers Weekly, November 22, 1999

Is This the End of the Story for Books?
"Will paper books, with their distinctive smell and touch, the special, almost trancelike intimacy they can engender between writer and reader, vanish forever? And if so, what will the experience of reading be like in the 21st century?"
New York Times, November 20, 1999

Beyond Gutenberg
An article by none other than Bill Gates explaining how and why e-books will revolutionize the publishing industry. If Bill is for you, who can stand against you?
Microsoft.com, November 19, 1999

Getting a Read on Ebooks
"Electronic books have been slow to catch on among consumers, but big Internet companies are betting that the time for e-books has come."
ABC News.com, November 9, 1999

Can e-Publishing Upstarts Upset Traditional Powerhouses?
Web self-publishing and digital-rights management technology are poised to push old-school publishing giants aside.
CNN.com, November 9, 1999

AlexLit.com Buys Mind's Eye Fiction
In the first industry consolidation, Alexandria Digital Literature (AlexLit.com) announced its purchase of competitor Mind's Eye Fiction at the World Fantasy Convention in Providence, Rhode Island.
Xpress.com (press release), November 9, 1999

E-Publishing Challenges the Gatekeeper Model
Comparing e-publishing with MP3 and the music industry, this article discusses whether traditional publishers will be able to "ride the electronic wave, rather than drown in its wake."
IDG.net, November 8, 1999

Microsoft, R.R. Donnelley Plan eBook Titles
Microsoft and R.R. Donnelley & Sons announce a joint effort to provide large numbers of eBook titles to users of Microsoft Reader software.
CNN.com, November 5, 1999

Scarcity of Titles Slowing E-Book Progress?
Are there few e-book users because there are few titles available electronically, or are there few electronic titles because the number of e-book users is so small?
NACS, November 2, 1999

October 1999

The Rocket: Consumer Device Or Business Tool?
This article takes a look at the technical capabilities and durability of the Rocket eBook, and concludes it is an ideal tool for business applications outside of harsh environments.
TechWeb, October 25, 1999

Why is Microsoft Hawking e-Books?
E-books will never catch on, this writer says, no matter how much Microsoft would like to see the book replaced by something it can control.
ZDNet, October 15, 1999

Paper-Free Future
"The future is electronic. The past is paper." This article Microsoft's claims about the future of electronic books and, in particular, the Microsoft Reader.
ABC News, October 14, 1999

New Awards Aimed at Spurring the Creation of High-Quality eBooks for Readers Everywhere
Microsoft announces its sponsorship of the Frankfurt eBook Awards - seven awards totaling $160,000, including a $100,000 grand prize for a work originally published in eBook form.
Microsoft.com, October 13, 1999

Ebook Bandwagon Filling Up
Announcements by Adobe, Fatbrain and Microsoft may speed up the pace of consumer acceptance of ebooks.
Canada Computer Paper, October 1999

September 1999

"It is critical for the success of the eBook industry to unite and provide publishers and consumers with a common standard by which all eBooks can be formatted."
-- Dick Brass, VP Technology, Microsoft Corp, September, 1999

New e-Book Standard Launched
The Open E-book Authoring Group announces the Open Ebook Publication Structure version 1.0.
ZDNet, September 21, 1999

Paving the Way for the Books of the Future
Microsoft's take on the OEB standard release.
Microsoft.com, September 21, 1999

E-books inch closer to bookshelves
Information on the Adobe Web Buy release, and some information on consumer preferences and ebooks.
IDG.net, September 3, 1999

Microsoft Predicts the Death of Paper
Microsoft predicts that within 20 years publishers will no longer be printing their books, newspapers, and magazines on dead trees.
About.com, September 2, 1999

E-Books: Read 'em and Keep
News of Adobe's PDF Merchant technologies, and Fatbrain.com's eMatter from the Seybold Seminars conference.
Wired News, September 1, 1999

August 1999

"Wood has taken us about as far as it can as a reading medium. The replacement of paper books is as inevitable as the replacement of the horse by the car." --Dick Brass, Microsoft

Cutting Paper
Microsoft has introduced new software for easier reading on a computer. Will it lead to a publishing revolution?
ABCNews.com, August 30, 1999

Electronic books still an incomplete work
Mercury News' Computing Editor find that considerable technological progress is required before ebook reader devices will be accepted as a viable alternative to the printed page.
San Jose Mercury News, August 28, 1999

July 1999

Some Electrifying Reading
A look at the work being done at MIT Media Lab on E-Ink, and the future of newspapers that print themselves.
ABCNews.com, July 16, 1999

E-bookmaker makes fed push
The Defense Department is exploring whether to use electronic books to distribute training materials under a pilot project with digital bookmaker SoftBook Press Inc.
Federal Computer Week, July 5, 1999

Create Your Own Virtual Books
An article about KeeBoo, a piece of software that lets you create and share your own virtual books.
CNN.com, July 2, 1999

June 1999

Crack Open an E-Book
The Ebooks are coming - announcements about the upcoming release of the Rocket eBook and Softbook, as well as comments from those who are resisting the new technology.
ABCNews.com, June 30, 1999

Microsoft Banks on ClearType to Spur Electronic Books
More Dick Brass quotes and information on ClearType. Notable near the bottom of the article is an admission by Brass that Microsoft is considering becoming an ebook distributor/ebookstore.
CNN.com, June 18, 1999

Book Burnout
A discussion of the publishing industry's reluctance to accept electronic-publishing. Why are Rocket eBooks from major publishers more expensive than hardcovers? Why no mention of ebooks on websites of major industry players? Chalk it up to fear of the unknown, and resistance to change.
The Standard, June 11, 1999

New Technology Prints Books While You Wait
An article about InstaBook Corp, and print on demand technology. Walk into your bookstore, search for the book you want at the computer screen, click to purchase, and in less than 5 minutes have a perfect bound copy in your hands. Awesome.
Forbes.com, June 4, 1999

Palm Reading
A nice article about peanutpress and their ebooks and ebook software created for the Palm Pilot.
Canada Computer Paper, June 1999

May 1999

Electronic Books for All
Glassbook will offer a standard way to download e-books from bookstores or libraries.
PC World.com, May 7, 1999

E-books Draw Crowds, No Converts
Folks at BookExpo America were interested in the Rocket eBook, but few were willing to relinquish their print books in favor of the electronic version.
Wired News, May 3, 1999

1998 News

"The baby-boomer woman doesn't want to read her Oprah selection at the beach on one of these things."
-- Jeff Lefevere, Publisher Rep. at Macmillan Computer Publishing on the Rocket eBook, October 1998

E-Book's Bash in the Big Apple
Article about the formal launch of the Rocket eBook. The predictions some publishers were making at the time have already been proven false. Interesting reading.
Wired News, October 23, 1998

RWA Conference/eBook Fair
About.com's Romance Fiction Guide reports on the Romance Writers of America Conference and E-book Fair.
About.com, July 27, 1998


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