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2001 Frankfurt eBook Awards Winners

Grand Prizes Go to Steven Levy and Amitav Ghosh
Mobipocket's CEO Thierry Brethes Wins ebook Technology Award, Winner of First Roxanna Frost Award is Fodor's, Special Citations Given to François Taillandier and Salvo Press. more 2001 FeBA Winners

NEW YORK, NY, October 10, 2001 - The International eBook Award Foundation (IeBAF) has announced the names of the winners for the 2001 Frankfurt eBook Awards, the first award designed to recognize achievements in the emerging eBook industry. Selected from a field that included entries from e-publishers, independents, large and small publishers alike, the winners were named today during a ceremony at the Old Opera House in Frankfurt, Germany. Read more


Microsoft Reader 2.0 Previewed 
SAN FRANCISCO -- Sept. 26, 2001 -- Available for preview this week at Seybold San Francisco 2001 is the new Microsoft® Reader 2.0. The new version enables premium content on both Pocket PC 2002 devices and Windows®-based PCs and laptops. Microsoft Reader allows up to four activations for mobile users, enabling people to share the same eBook on as many as four devices, such as a desktop PC at work or at home, a laptop and a Pocket PC. Other features include a user interface redesign, simplified and enhanced navigation, and new text-to-speech accessibility support. The new software will be offered free in early October for Windows-based PCs and laptops (connect-time fees may apply) and included on all new Pocket PC 2002 devices. read more..

Angling for lift in a market that has stubbornly refused to take off, Yahoo said that it has signed deals with four major book publishers to sell e-books on its shopping channel. Penguin Putnam, Simon & Schuster, Random House and HarperCollins are marketing their books on Yahoo's new e-book site. Featured titles range from new books to classics such as William Thackeray's "Vanity Fair." read more

HP Jornada 568: First of a new generation of Pocket PCs
By timing the introduction of the Jornada 565/568 to coincide with Microsoft's announcement of the Pocket PC 2002 software platform, codenamed "Merlin," Hewlett Packard beat the competition to the punch. The Jornada 568 is the first Pocket PC device specifically built for the new revision of the OS. It is, in my opinion, also far and away the best Palm-size/Pocket PC HP has ever built. read more....
An eReader in Your Palm
Tired of waiting around for Gemstar, Microsoft and Franklin eBookman to get their acts together and make an affordable eBook reading device? If you own any one of the eight models of Palm OS handheld devices, (https://store.palm.com/Catalog/handhelds.asp) you already have an eReader in your palm. If you’re thinking of buying a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), you need to consider the eReader capabilities of the Palm operating system. (read more..) (www.ebookweb.com)

Bookworms curl up in front of PCs 
September 7, 2001, 10:10 a.m. PT 
In a move that points toward the demise of physical libraries, Singapore's National Library Board (NLB) is allowing any Internet-enabled individual to read a book on loan online. This is possible through the board's newly launched eLibraryHub, which, like the National Digital Library Program at the U.S. Library of Congress, is designed to place works in a digital format and deliver them electronically. read more....

"Pocket PC 2002 Raises Bar for Personal Digital Assistants" (feature story)
Q&A: Ben Waldman, Vice President of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft, Previews New Pocket PC Software
SAN DIEGO, Calif., Sept. 6, 2001 --
Attendees at this year's DemoMobile conference in San Diego got a sneak preview today of Microsoft Pocket PC 2002, the engine that will power a new generation of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). In the first public demonstration of this groundbreaking new software, the Pocket PC team showed off some of the advances that Pocket PC 2002 offers, including a stylish new interface, new functionality designed to help deliver the benefits of mobile computing to business users, and new features that make it easier than ever to connect to colleagues, friends and family. Ben Waldman, vice president of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft, spoke with PressPass about what Pocket PC 2002 -- slated to hit the stores Oct. 4 -- means for the industry and customers. read more...

9/6/01 -- "Microsoft Means Business - Announcing Pocket PC 2002" (press release)
Microsoft Pocket PC 2002
(Microsoft Word -- 30KB)

Breaking Microsoft’s e-book code : Programmer finds way to decrypt them 
The decryption program enables purchasers of “owner-exclusive” Microsoft Reader titles-Microsoft’s most highly protected form of e-book-to convert these titles to unencrypted files viewable on any Web browser. The program’s creator, a U.S. cryptography expert who asked not to be identified, says he wanted to circumvent the “two-persona” limit, a rule built into Microsoft Reader at the behest of publishers that allows purchasers to read the same e-book on up to two devices, but no more. read more.. (www.msnbc.com)

New Program Cracks Owner-Exclusive Microsoft Reader eBooks

Now, the Microsoft Reader eBook security has succumbed, according to a report in Technology Review. A US-based programmer has evidently discovered a way to unlock Microsoft Reader eBook files, remove the security settings and recover text and image source files. read more ( 

Microsoft's one-two punch for handhelds
Special to CNET News.com August 31, 2001, 12:40 p.m. PT 
Microsoft will hit Palm with a double whammy next week when it announces two new versions of its operating system for handheld computers, sources say. 

The software giant will announce a low-end and high-end version of its upcoming Pocket PC 2002 OS on Sept. 6 at the Demomobile conference in La Jolla, Calif., sources familiar with company's plans say. The new versions of the OS, code-named Merlin, will resemble Microsoft's upcoming Windows XP desktop OS and add 802.11b wireless networking capabilities and security. 

Microsoft representatives declined to comment. 
Although one source said the new versions of the OS are "incremental" upgrades to the current Pocket PC OS, another said they are exactly what Microsoft needs to stave off Palm from increasing its presence in the emerging corporate market for handhelds. Palm's OS shows up in handhelds from Palm, Handspring and Sony. Microsoft's current Pocket PC runs devices from Compaq Computer, Hewlett-Packard and Casio. 

The enterprise market is the brass ring that all companies in the handheld industry are reaching for. According to research data, Microsoft has the lead in that market. 

Read more..... (http://news.cnet.com/news/)

E-Books: Good Idea, Poor Execution

Despite all the problems e-books have had gaining public acceptance, they are not exactly obsolete -- yet. 
Remember when the concept of a "paperless society" was all the rage?  Offices would eliminate file cabinets, newspapers wouldn't need newsprint and the stationery business would become obsolete.  Oh, and books? Books would become the greatest dinosaurs of all. Books wouldn't be necessary. 
Enter e-books, touted to be the absolute symbol of technology as an agent of social change. After all, if we didn't need heavy, cumbersome books any more, wouldn't life be just so much easier? 
Judging by the public reaction to e-books so far, the answer is a resounding and decisive "no." 
Read more.... (www.newsfactor.com)

Envisional reveals nearly 7,500 illegal e-books available over the Internet Envisional (www.envisional.com), the UK-based Internet monitoring company, today announced that many best-selling titles of top authors, such as J. K. Rowling, John Grisham, Stephen King and Terry Pratchett, are available for free download over the web. Results from Envisional's research showed that 7,267 different pirated e-books could be freely accessed through newsgroups and Napster-like file-sharing networks such as gnutella. Envisional warns the publishing industry that the growing problem has the potential to impact upon the sector as hard as Napster hit the music industry. read more...

Top ten authors most targeted by Internet pirates:

1. Stephen King 
- over 1,600 individual copies Example titles include: Dreamcatcher, It, Misery, The Shining
2. J. K. Rowling
- over 700 individual copies Example titles include: Harry Potter - all four books
3. Terry Pratchett
- 193 individual copies Example titles include: The Colour of Magic, Wyrd Sisters
4. Tom Clancy
- 51 individual copies Example titles include: Red Storm Rising, Patriot Games
5. Douglas Adams
- 49 individual copies Example titles include: Hitchhiker's Guide
6. J. R. R. Tolkien
- 42 individual copies Example titles include: Lord of the Rings Volumes, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion
7. John Grisham
- 38 individual copies Example titles include: The Client, A Time to Kill
8. Iain M. Banks
- 23 individual copies Example titles include: Complicity, Inversions
9. Irvine Welsh
- 13 individual copies Example titles include: Trainspotting
10. Douglas Coupland
- 8 individual copies Example titles include: Generation X, Microserfs 

NetLibrary offers more than 40,000 eBook titles, with subjects ranging from arts, history, literature, religion, science, sociology, business, and technology, to Academic, Public and Corporate Libraries. To experience reading eBooks online, including full text searching and the embedded dictionary. 

Sweden: Students study books online
Publishers Studentlitteratur, a long time supplier to students in Sweden, plans to launch its e-book system this February.

It is not only expensive, but also hard at times to get the literature you need, at the right time, when studying. "By selling books this way, we can provide students and professionals immediate access to literature whenever they need it," business developer Hans Sundström told Industry Standard.

The company will use a system called Autotext, an e-bookstore 'in a box'. Autotext is a content management system that allows buyers to recieve the books in a variety of formats, such as Rocket eBook, Glassbook, Microsoft reader or pdf files.

Studentlitteratur will offer students either entire books or single chapters. The downloaded text, however, will not be possible to print out, as only screen reading is allowed.

E-Publishing Ink
U.S. vs. Microsoft: The E-Story
Aug. 22, 2000   McGraw-Hill simultaneously releases the first book on the landmark case in both print and e-book versions. Also from M.J. Rose's e-publishing notebook: E-books go bricks and mortar; tipping encouraged; and some sticky ideas.

An Electronic Publishing Timeline
eBooks and ePublishing may seem like cutting-edge developments, but they actually have a history stretching back three decades or more. As a special supplement to this article, Karen Wiesner has prepared the most comprehensive timeline of historical events in ePublishing available anywhere.

From Project Gutenberg's founding in 1971 to the latest online publishing ventures by Random House, Time Warner, and the like, you'll find all the details of the developments that have shaped the digital content universe.

Click here to take a journey through ePublishing's fascinating history (www.ebookweb.com)

Advanced eBook Processor is not available anymore.
On July 16th, our employee Dmitry Sklyarov, who developed the algorithms Advanced eBook Processor is based on, was arrested and jailed by the FBI in Las Vegas after delivering a paper on e-book security at the DefCon conference. On August 6th, he was released on bail by a California court. Magistrate Judge Edward Infante ordered Dmitry to stay in northern California pending his trial on charges of violating U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
read more

Planet ebook Index of ElcomSoft, Dmitry Sklyarov, Adobe, US Government and DMCA-related articles from around the Web

Below is the index of articles published on our Planet eBook and Planet PDF sites, as well as the coverage around the Web that has arisen since Planet eBook broke the story of ElcomSoft developer Dmitry Sklyarov's arrest over violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

We introduce ePenguin, our brand new ebook imprint with a free ebook sample and news of the best in fiction, reference, business titles and Penguin Classics delivered digitally. Read on...

Compaq prepares for new Pocket PC 

Looking to boost sales of its iPaq handheld computers, Compaq Computer is touting that its devices will be ready to upgrade to a new version of Microsoft's Pocket PC operating system due out later this year. 

Code-named Merlin, the new version of Pocket PC is said to resemble Microsoft's forthcoming PC operating system, Windows XP, according to one source familiar with Merlin. Like the current version of Pocket PC, Merlin is based on version 3.0 of Windows CE. Microsoft is introducing a new version of CE, code-named Talisker. However, the software giant has not said when that core will find its way into Pocket PC. read more... (bron: http://news.cnet.com/news/)

Toshiba Chooses Microsoft Pocket PC Platform
Established Mobility Leader Unveils Revolutionary, Dual-Expansion Pocket PCs
Microsoft Corp. and Toshiba Corp. today announced that Toshiba has chosen the Microsoft® Pocket PC platform to power its upcoming line of next-generation personal digital assistants (PDAs). Toshiba, a leader in mobile computing for corporate customers, plans to expand and extend the use of its highly successful line of laptops and other mobile devices by building Pocket PCs, the first of which will launch today in Japan.

Microsoft releases Windows CE code 
Microsoft has made the source code of its Windows CE 3.0 operating system available to developers in a bid to compete with the "open source" software development model that has become popular in recent years. read more....

June 6, 2001 -- NEC Computers Inc. has announced the MobileProTM 790, the newest addition to NEC's family of MobilePro computers based on the Handheld PC 2000 platform. Building on the success of the award-winning MobilePro 780 H/PCs, the ultra-light MobilePro 790 H/PC is designed for enterprise customers whose mobile platform priorities are instant-start, large keyboard, touchscreen, and reduced total cost of ownership.
Philips and E Ink Demonstrate World's First High-Resolution Electronic Ink Displays for Use in Smart Handheld Devices
read more ...

We're back!..www.ebookweb.org
And now we're pleased to announce that on July 4 2001, we
will launch eBookWeb (http://www.ebookweb.org)
  a central source for news and information on all aspects of electronic publishing and a community center for eBook enthusiasts and industry professionals.
We've already published an introductory page where you can read the latest daily eBook news briefs, subscribe to our weekly email newsletter, and (as a special bonus!) read my inside account of eBookNet's demise.

Come July 4, the full site will offer a familiar mix of content,
including the following sections:
- News (eBook Technology, Writing & Publishing, E-Content,
Company Index)
-Opinion (Columns by the Site Editors and other eBook Experts)
-Resources (Hardware & Software Guides, eBook Reviews, FAQs, eBook Links)
-Community (Message Boards, Events, Member Pages/Profiles)

Pocket PC Map of Central London 
This new publication has been designed for your Pocket PC running Windows® CE. The map covers an area which includes Regent's Park, Shoreditch, Tower Bridge and Hyde Park Corner. Major buildings are colour-coded to indicate Places of Interest and other buildings that are open to the public. One-way streets are indicated with a blue arrow. For ease of navigation, additional grid square references are positioned across the map. read more..
Pocket PC magazine Now Available In Microsoft Reader format • article by ce4you
Pocket PC magazine, the magazine for Windows Powered devices, is now also available in Microsoft Reader format. The Microsoft Reader version of the magazine will be delivered via email. In addition, subscribers will receive all the back issues of the magazine in MS Reader format on a CD. read more Item Description
Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm OS
Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® for Palm OS® lets you view Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files on handheld devices running Palm OS.

Part of Adobe's Network Publishing vision, this new addition to the Acrobat family enables you to read Adobe PDF files downloaded from a desktop computer, freeing you to access them anywhere. Acrobat Reader for Palm OS software preserves the rich content of Adobe PDF files - styled text, images, and bookmarks - and adapts it for viewing on small screens. You can also search for a specific word or phrase. read more

Motorola is writing on your Palm.

iSKETCH For PalmOS Motorola released iSketch, a program that lets personal digital assistant (PDA) owners handwrite notes and make sketches on their devices, and then wirelessly send them as if they were e-mail, via infrared or cellular networks. The iSketch also compresses and encrypts messages, which can be sent to PCs or other handhelds. Read more...     or Motorola iSketch link

E-commerce comes to portable apps
Handsets are no longer used simply for placing calls, and PDAs are much more than simple personal information managers. Their new abilities makes the interaction between user and device more than just a few button pushes and key clicks-typically, it also involves pictorial information. And digital signatures have been declared legal, as binding as written ones, opening up previously unavailable methods of e-commerce and mobile commerce, or m-commerce. Read more...

New ebook site: iPublish.com
at Time Warner Books, a new eBook publishing company connecting readers, authors, and editors online.
(site closed)

4 dec 2001 NEW YORK--AOL Time Warner said Tuesday that it plans to shut down iPublish.com, its fledgling electronic book-publishing division, by the end of the year and cut 29 jobs because the market has not developed the way the company had expected.

"The market for e-books has simply not developed the way we hoped, and given the overall economic climate, we can't jeopardize our thriving print business by carrying a money-losing operation indefinitely into the future," Larry Kirshbaum, chairman of Time Warner Trade Publishing, said in a statement. 
info: http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1005-200-8069120.html

Toshiba Corp. is planning its long-awaited entry into the personal digital assistant (PDA) market for July, a company source has told IDG News Service.
The company is nearing design completion of its PDA, the first from the notebook market leader, which will be based on Microsoft Corp.'s Pocket PC platform and Windows CE OS (operating system), the source said.
Further details, such as target price and international launch details, are still under consideration. more...




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